From 2008: POTRAGA (THE SEARCH), Belgrade (Serbia) – Zagreb (Croatia)

Sasa Lekovic is Author and Editor of the regional multimedia project (web, TV, radio) from 2008 to mid 2011 produced by Belgrade based media company B92 and from mid 2011 by Investigative Journalism Center (IJC) based in Zagreb. Until June 2011 POTRAGA has been broadcasted on TV channels in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia.


Center for Investigative Reporting and Media Education by Mediacentar Sarajevo (B/H) and IJC, Zagreb. Sasa Lekovic was Center’s Manager. Info and articles at:

2003: “The truth – conscience above bank secret”

“The truth – conscience above bank secret”, the book about most known whistleblower case in South East Europe. That is the story about bank employee who has revealed secret bank accounts of first Croatian president Tudjman family (PROMETEJ-CIN, 2003 / Croatian). Sasa Lekovic is co-editor.

2002: “Showdown at Arizona Market”

Sasa Lekovic was co-editor (with Donald W. Pine) on „Showdown at Arizona Market“, project organized by IREX ( The eight reporters from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro have produced eight investigative stories about women trafficking in Brcko District (Bosnia and Herzegovina).